This sandwich, which can be found in all of the streets, markets and restaurants in Vietnam, comes from French colonialism in Indochina. It combines French ingredients like the baguette, pate or mayonnaise with Vietnamese ingredients such as cilantro, pickled carrot and daikon, cucumber and chilli. The classic version is with cold pork, pancetta, liver pate and vegetables. The vegetarian option is with tofu, seitan or egg omelette. In 2012, the banh mi is on the top of the list of street food in London and in the United States, as it is a classic for lovers of Vietnamese food. You can find many variations in the filling of grilled chicken, beef and shrimp, as a way of adapting it to the Western palate. It is a healthy sandwich, with contrasts in textures and tastes. Banhmi is the street food proposal of Catando.