Eating in the streets is a universal and ancestral practice that reflects people’s imagination, always looking for a quick, simple way of eating. Nowadays, this wish is accompanied by a desire to eat in a healthy and balanced way. In this sense, we are convinced that Street Food or food on the street is a lifestyle typical of popular culture from the 21st century, in the same way as street art, or skateboarding. As a result, we present our concept, which is neither a truck nor a caravan, but rather a means that claims the street as a space to make society. This is how EL TARANTINO Street Food was born, our interpretation through a handcart, a Food Cart, our proposal of mobile architecture is adapted to the city and to any space. Our names are MAIDE and MAGDA; we have been linked to the restaurant industry for the longest time, because of the business of our respective families, lovers of good food and products of quality and proximity; these are our values in presenting our product: HOT DOGS with original and different combinations.

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