Jorge Vidal is an architect, professor of Projects in the Superior Technical School of Architecture of Barcelona ETSAB and Director of cycle of Forum conferences ESARQ at the International University of Catalonia.

Axis Transformation Pere IV is a project that offers a new conception of Urban Inhabitation for the Axis Pere IV, which designs historic traces as an axis that links the large pieces of equipment and tertiary, vast green spaces of the city, and the network of public spaces and urban itineraries within the neighbourhood. Through a project, based on painting and participation, we are looking to transform the street to rehabilitate it. In conclusion, Testing the life-size project and establishing the process of participation from the test until the definite construction.


01.JorgeVidal_TransformacioeixpereIV_1 Captura de pantalla 2015-05-03 a la(s) 18.40.38