Jupiterfab is an Italian visual and sound artist whose work focuses on the emotional and aesthetic study of people. The main focus of the artist deals with communities and human beings. His basic work tools are paintings, and murals, which are both in large format as well as sound, that often fuse into one single piece.  Jupiterfab carries out different types of projects.
Under the title “Communities’ human identity”, the artist develops public and institutional projects around the world, collaborating with local organizations and different types of professionals. In these types of projects, he uses artistic tools to show the oneness and the strength in a community and its diversity in a world that is progressively more globalized.

In the project “In the city: from Black and White to Color” Jupiterfab places emphasis on the individual and the way of urban life, highlighting the contrast between the roughness of the tumult of the city and the feelings and values behind each person’s mask, progressively more diluted and hidden in current society.