Les filles Föllen are Tuixén Benet and Margherita Bergamo. They met while studying Choreography and interpretation techniques atthe Conservatory of Dance at the Institute of Theatre of Barcelona. They have been working together since 2008 and in 2010 they opened the show “Entrance with a drink: two girls smoke a cigarette in only 30 seconds”,which won the public’s award in the ScenaSimulacro Festival in Madrid. Their experience is diverse and eclectic, from rhythmic gymnastics to skating, moving through communication and management offices.

They like the scene, audio-visual communication and music videos. They have opened the following shows: “Unter der schönen Haut” (2011), “Tropical Bunker” (2011), “La Marl’Ona” (2012), “Everybodyskin” (2012), “Escena simultània” (2012), “Projecte Final” (2013), “La Fatigue” (2013) and the dance videos “Three monster tales” (2010) and “Unter der schönen Haut sobre gespa artificial” (2011); and the audio-visual performance series “Projecte Tretze” (2013); they have also directed the staging of the show “Cigarreras:métodos y tiempos” (2011) and the choreographies of various music videos, short films, feature films and multimedia installations.