Maria Pratts, Barcelona, 1988.
I am a self-taught, mixed media artist from the underground scene of Barcelona.
Years ago, we began doing workshops en the Sótano. An exhibit organized in a ‘sótano’ (basement) among friends:link
I think that the world is really lost, but really nice things can be done, which is why I paint.
This year I published ‘Atalaia’, a book that deals with the search for a utopian journey towards Talaia, where new ways of the World in community are searched for.  Now we have inaugurated a Punk collective at CA2M link
It’s a collective that crosses many generations. (Basquiat, Tracey Emin, Nan Goldin, Guerrilla Girls, Antoni Hervas, etc) I am currently preparing an individual exhibit, which will be inaugurated on the 6th of May.