After several years of working in agencies and studios, we decided to open our own doors to design this professional training that we call Creative Training. Some of the questions that have led us to create Stay Hungry are connected to our profession as creatives: How do you come up with the ideas? How does
creative thinking work? Can it manipulated through work processes? What is the role of creativity in our daily lives? Based on all these questions, we have designed a work plan, which proposes the opening of paths to finding these answers and above all, to asking new questions. During these three years, more than 150 students have shared this experience. Our ongoing motivation of these new challenges have led us to participate in a wide range of events and festivals given by our workshops.

Workshops of impossible spaces.
An unborn neighborhood is like a blank space, its potential is infinite. Anything and everything can happen. We invite you to participate in an act of creative vandalism, where imagination rules and the game is the motor of a collective creative workshop whose purpose is to think about necessary or impossible
spaces (for now).