The electronic music group urfabrique came out in the beginning of 2014 and are the union between the guitarist and producer Pau Mendieta and the multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Javier Morales. The project came about after both musicians, after having performed together in an orchestra, decided to start a musical project together. Urfabrique are influenced by current Deep House; they are fused with styles that are as divergent as Funk, Rock, acoustic music, techno and experimental electronica. They have performed in different university parties. (ETSEIB, FME, ETSAB, ELISAVA), in events such as the FIU Barcelona and they have participated in two editions of the Biruji Festival. Their first single, ‘Hashtag Routines’ (unsigned, 2014) was included in the ‘Horizons EP’ compilation by the French musical collective The SickPitch and it was commented by MCL Blog as ‘incredible Chill House/Pop’ and defined as ‘a pop vocal on a smooth instrumental synthetic’.

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