Trapped in the frenetic rhythm of ephemeral, sell-by-date consumerism, we live in an era of using up and throwing away.  Ùs’ philosophy lets us pause and observe the potential of those spaces which we thought no longer served any purpose for us.

Ús was born from the determination to rescue, through urban art and civic participation, the use and value of the city’s urban spaces which, due to urbanistic changes, have lost their social function.

In the first edition of our festival, we set up in the grounds of the former Encants Vells flea market in Barcelona, so that over 9,000 people were able to enjoy a day filled with urban art and activities.

This year, we are holding the second edition in the street Carrer Pere IV Street (between the streets Carrer Fluviá Street and Carrer Selva de Mar), in the old “tomato district” of Barcelona, also known to many as the “Manchester” of Catalonia.  Over the years Pere IV has gradually lost its functions.

With an ethos focused on participation, new formats and new trends, Ús wants to offer the chance to contribute to the transformation and improvement of the street.  The event is based on a wide-ranging concept, since it will not only include the creation of street art murals, structural forms, visuals and interactive experiences, but also participatory artistic performances, workshops for adults and children, conferences, music, cuisine and an art market, among many other activities.